Why anyone can become a Runner

With summer on our doorstep, don’t let your mind hold you back. No matter what your shape and size (and fitness level), you can become a runner. Honestly. Here’s how.

When you think of runners, you’re not alone if what generally comes to mind is someone who is slender, muscly, a bit of a fitness fanatic and looks like they’ve just stepped out of the pages of a Women’s Health fashion shoot. The thing is, while you’re not alone in this thinking, I hate to tell you that you are wrong. The truth is runners come in all shapes and sizes – and fitness levels.

“I have run with people of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels over the years,” Jess Robinson, personal trainer, health and fitness blogger (http://lazygirlfitness.com.au/), tells Running Republic.

“One of my favourite stories is actually about my mum, who probably didn’t run for more than a bus between high school and her mid-40s (although she has always been fit and strong in other ways).”

“Somehow, we convinced her to run the City2Surf and, with a simple training plan that she committed to, she made it. She’s now done 10 City2Surfs in as many years.”

You might be able to tell that Jess is passionate about making fitness and good health accessible to everyone, everywhere and she says it really important for everyone to know that running is for all shapes and sizes.

“If you’re ever worried that you’ll never be fit enough, or you don’t have the ‘right’ body for running, I encourage you to head down and cheer on the athletes at your next local fun run,” she says.

“You’ll see all sorts of running styles, fitness levels, heights and weights go by, and hopefully it gives you the confidence to strap on some shoes and get out there.”

With summer on our doorstep, don’t let your mind hold you back. Cease the day and get into running now. And if you’re already a runner, encourage those around you who think it’s not for them because of their size, shape or fitness level.

Top benefits of running that everyone can enjoy:

“When done safely and (if necessary) with the approval of your doctor, running is such a great form of exercise for everybody.”

  • It’s relatively inexpensive all you need to invest in is a good-quality sports bra and pair of runners and you’re away.
  • You can do it anywhere. Many people feel self-conscious when they’re just starting out, so it can be quite comforting to know that you can sneak out early in the morning and pound the pavement on the back streets.
  • It can burn a lot of calories. If you’re exercising for weight loss, interval running is a really great option for burning larger amounts of calories in a shorter period of time.

Written by: Alexandra O’Brien

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