Welcome to the first Active Inspiration Q&A for Running Republic. This is where we sit down with inspiring individuals from a range of fields to give you an insight to what drives them, what got them to where they are today and to hopefully inspire you to take action yourself – to get off your butt and achieve your goals.

Our first Active Inspiration is with Jayce-Love Attard – Fresh off his win at the F45 World Championships in Huntington Beach, California, where he got a last minute call-up and still managed to dominate the competition. If you’ve heard of the F45 playoffs you’ll know this was no mean feat!

Jayce is an advocate for the Holistic lifestyle movement – defined as “recognising and paying equal attention to the importance of exercise, nutrition and mindful practices,” which is why he started his successful blog ‘Train Holistic’ and has just launched his new website The site offers a range of Holistic packages to help people take their lives to new heights by incorporating the Holistic lifestyle.

Here’s what Jayce had to say…

Firstly a bit about your background, where did you grow up?

I grew up on the lower north coast of NSW in a beach town called Forster. Forster was a great area to grow up in, but after finishing school there were limited opportunities so I decided to move to Sydney. I moved here in 2008 and have been based here on the Northern Beaches ever since. I did spend some time working away on a super yacht in Spain and also on the Great Barrier Reef. Both were great experiences.

Have you always been into fitness and was there anything or anyone in particular that inspired your current lifestyle?

At a young age I was a competitive member of Surf Life Saving which required hours of dedication throughout the week. This gave me a strong base for training and a lasting interest in fitness, health and performance. Although I still went through the same coming of age lifestyle progressions that most people go through, my lifestyle changed as a result of my growing interest in joining the Royal Australian Navy as a Clearance Diver and creating the best chance for myself to be accepted.

What interested you to want to join the Navy as a clearance diver?

This came as a result of having friends who had endured the selection process. They passed on stories of the intense challenges you face while taking on a very ‘different’ career path. The idea of being in a branch of the Navy that is well respected for requiring a high level of fitness and mental fortitude was very appealing to me.

How have you found the training, mentally and physically?

So far the selection process and training has been extremely challenging, but very rewarding at the same time. Finding a balance between consistently developing fitness levels to make selection while taking on loads of information has been a real eye opener. I’ve found it very interesting and think it’s great for building character, mental toughness & physical fitness all at the same time.

IMG_4321 - Copy

There are elements that have been nothing but enjoyable – Being able to learn and hone in on fitness with a group of extremely like-minded individuals who develop quickly into close mates is a real bonus. At the moment, there’s no other way I’d prefer to be living my life.

What motivates & inspires you to live a healthy, fulfilled & happy life?

One of the biggest things that has motivated me is witnessing my Dad living with Kidney Disease, the implications it had on his life and the lives of my family members, and the journey this took us on.
Motivation to live a lifestyle that takes full advantage of opportunity, success and happiness has come from this experience. Along with a childhood and adolescent upbringing full of healthy habits, sporting competition, training, good work ethic and strong family orientation.

You compete in a lot of Events, which Events you compete in and why ?

I compete in a mixture of events because it encourages me to avoid training to my strengths and forces the introduction of new skills and techniques into my training regime. Currently I try to focus on events that could relate closely to the sort of conditions I may have to endure in the Navy. Events like the Spartan Race have been an exciting discovery, allowing me a focal point for training, particularly when career courses were months or even years away.

Since recovering from an injury, I have competed in the Byron Bay Olympic distance triathlon (placing 3rd in my age), the Spartan ‘Beast’ Race in Brisbane (placing 4th overall), and the F45 Playoffs in Manly (placing 1st in Australia).

What have you been up to in the USA?

f45The F45 Playoff World Championships were held in Huntington Beach, California, in conjunction with the World Series of Surfing, where I also took the win for the individual event and placed 2nd in the teams.

It was great to see some of the fittest athletes in the world come to the event and support a new sport which places focus on improving health and fitness.

Competing in such events is great way to get involved in a movement that puts great focus on health & wellness and encourages real progression for individuals competing. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of a holistic way of life.

How do you vary your training to suit the different styles?

Throughout the training week I simply focus on a different style of training each day and if weaknesses begin to show in a particular element, that element will be given greater focus. I also find that utilising 3 or 4 smaller sessions throughout the day allows a greater volume of training to be achieved, allowing sufficient recovery and even focus on the training styles.

You run a successful blog ‘Train Holistic’, what inspired you to create it?

The idea to start a health & fitness based blog came about due to a strong passion for expanding my knowledge to improve my own performance, paired with the enjoyment I find being able to express myself through writing.

I believe that I’ve established a great base of knowledge over the years, through study and self-experience and thought it would be logical to not only share this information with like-minded people, but to make this information available to those wishing to make a change and strive for personal progression in the same way I’ve been able to.

Can you explain the ‘Holistic’ lifestyle & how you came across it?

To live a holistic lifestyle is to take into consideration the entire spectrum of elements that make up true health & wellness. Being holistic is recognising and paying equal attention to the importance of exercise, nutrition and mindful practices. To engage in holistic practice, the individual needs to understand their own path to health & wellness should be based off their own needs and cannot be achieved by following a generic ‘plan’ or ‘program’.

My Holistic lifestyle came about due to a constant search for practices that contribute to personal progression. For me, I found that roadblocks to this progression came when I neglected things like nutrition and mindful practices, i.e. yoga & meditation. It wasn’t until I developed a more open-minded approach to these elements that I understood the full potential of holistic living.

What are some of the main benefits of employing a Holistic Lifestyle?

  • A truly holistic approach will improve general sense of well-being, confidence, improved relationships, overall health, fitness performance, positive thinking, adaptability to change and mental clarity.
  • It allows you to begin to distinguish between behaviours, habits and thoughts that create positive outcomes in your life and those which lead to regression and negative implications.
  • This approach has allowed me to fine tune different areas of exercise and nutrition that have enabled faster, stronger and more meaningful progression.


You’ve just launched the ‘Train Holistic’ website that replaces the blog, can you explain the aim of the site and what you offer?

I want the website to be used by people as a reference or guide, to motivate, inspire and help progress on their own path to a happy and fulfilled life, whatever that is for them. provides a platform from which individuals wishing to make positive change or foster further progression to their lives can do so through accessing a variety of information or by purchasing one of the tailored packages. These packages will lead the individual to suitable eating and nutrition habits, beneficial exercise patterns and important mindful practices, while providing the guidance needed to tie all of these elements together into one Holistic Lifestyle. To check out these packages click the image below.

Furthermore the site provides useful tips, hints and ideas to base your decision making on, while also sharing links to great affiliate brands and individuals who have similar ideologies and attitudes to health & wellness.


What 3 main benefits do you want your users to gain from using the site?

  • Increased awareness of their capabilities and potential.
  • Greater appreciation and consideration for what they bring into their lives and ultimately expose their bodies to in terms of nutrition.
  • Motivation to make a change if necessary or stimulus to further develop and cultivate current holistic habits.

There are many other fitness programs on the market, what makes yours different?

A train holistic package or program is not simply a generic program or plan focussing on one facet or element to achieving health & wellness. Most fitness programs are based off the idea that if you follow the program or plan, you will achieve a desired or expected result.

A Train Holistic package encourages the individual to recognise that they are exactly that, an individual, with unique needs, unique environmental factors, unique lifestyle factors and unique bodily systems. These packages enable the individual to access carefully considered and researched guides to exercise methods, nutrition and eating habits that best suit their goals and a variety of (often neglected) mindful behaviours that can be disciplined into the routine.

A Train Holistic package recognises there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health & wellness and provides a simple yet detailed, all-in-one guide to creating the lifestyle that is desired.

Any final golden tips or actionable steps for the readers?

  • Keep an open mind – The knowledge we’re offered through science and ongoing research is ever changing and it’s more often beneficial to test and explore what works for you individually.
  • Stick with it – Success is simply a few small disciplines, practiced everyday.
  • Set goals and put them in writing – Having a point of reference for where you were, where you are and where you want to be, is a great tool for continual progression.
  • Live your own life, not somebody else’s – A lifestyle change can often mean your habits and behaviours are all of a sudden no longer aligned with those you once surrounded yourself with. Stay true to your own chosen path and what you value in your own life. For example, consider carefully whether your social habits are creating positive outcomes and are in line with your values, or are only serving to restrict your progression.

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a chat and share this valuable info with our readers. Where is the best place for them to find or contact you?

So there you have it, our first #activeinspiration Q&A with an awesome and inspiring individual. There are some valuable tips you can take out of this post to help with your own personal journey – I know it has made me rethink my regime.

To let us know what you think about the Q&A or to thank Jayce for his time, please leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for our next instalment of #activeinspiration when I’ll sit down with Sports Scientist Daniel Sporri from Envy Sports Science Clinic.

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